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Porcelain small plates cherry made in Japan with traditional manufacturing techniques. Kutani objects are well known for their magnificent design and elegant colors. Kutani tableware has a special feature: it uses 5 colors called "Kutani Gosai" (green, yellow, red, purple and blue navy) with overprinted patterns for a very pleasant touch.

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In the Aozuku factory, the patterns are made with a special printing technique. A transfer paper is made by stacking paintings with Japanese motifs and then it is glued to the surface of the container before being fired.

Until the end of the Showa era, Kutani tableware was very expensive and reserved for a certain category of the population. In order to make it more accessible, painting printing techniques have been developed, while retaining the beauty and hand-painted texture of these Japanese paintings. Both a very high quality and a reasonable price were obtained so that the Kutani dishes could be used as everyday dishes.

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